Our Services for Business Owners

Are you ready to get your funding strategy dialed in?

Jenny works with you on all aspects of your plan including legal compliance strategy, target investors, and term sheet.  This quick process gives you everything you need to start reaching out to investors with confidence.

Are you ready to raise money for your business right now? You need our strategy design, coaching, and legal counsel.

The Kassan Group specializes in providing expert legal counsel, creative strategy design, and supportive coaching to give you the best possible experience with achieving your funding goals.

Just Getting Started on Your Journey to Raise Values-Aligned Funding? Join our Capital on Your Terms Program.

The Capital on Your Terms Program is a 6-month training and coaching program designed to teach you how to raise supportive funding for your business.

Resources for Business Owners

YouTube Channel
Capital Insight Podcast
Financial Projections Made Easy
Learn the six steps to design to finding the right investors for your business

Is Your Business Investable?

A 10-Question Funding-Readiness Assessment for Mission-Driven Businesses

What Is Your Biggest Fundraising Strength?

Take this short quiz to find out your fundraising superpower!


We Need to Work Together!

Are you ready to create a plan to get the financing you need to build the business you’ve always wanted?